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Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide

By: Newman, Renee
Price: $11.95

International Jewelry Publications, Los Angeles, CA, 2007. Chapters include: 1)Colored Gem Price Factors in a Nutshell, 2)Gemstone Treatments, 3)Synthetic & Imitation Gems, 4)Colored Gemstones, 5)Diamonds, 6)Gems from Living Organisms, 7)Gold & Platinum Jewelry, 8)Jewelry Craftsmanship, 9)Notable Gem Sources, 10)Euphenisms, Marketing Terms and Misnomers, 11)Having Jewelry Custom Made, 12)Choosing a Jeweler, 13)Making the Purchase, 14)Choosing an Appraiser, 15)Gem Lab Documents, 16)Customs, and 17)Finding a Good Buy plus Suppliers of Gems & Jewelry for Photos and Identification Tables and Birthstones. Professional color photos through first two-thirds of the book. Paperback, 7" x 4 1/2", 156 pages.